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Eternal Flame OR Light my Fire

31 Oct

We have candles in almost every room of the house. Wait, no. We have candles in every room of the house that we use. I love a candle and I’m not gonna waste a candle on a room I never go into. Or heat. (The heating issue is another blog post entirely. I live with Mr. Freeze. Or Scrooge McDuck.)

And SO, instead of having to go downstairs, for example, to get matches to light a candle upstairs, I fashioned some little, tiny glass jars into matchstick holders! I even attached the striker part of the original matchbox to the bottom of the jar. Genius, I know! But now I have to listen to MBM walk around the house muttering,”what’s with AAAAALLLLLL the matches, babe?! Are you some kinda crazy pyro?”

No. No I am not. But I am lazy so now I don’t have to run up and down the stairs whenever I want some romantic lighting.