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BLC: ask E. Jean

13 Sep

I came across this article on Man Repeller and thought it was too good not to share. Who doesn’t LOVE E. Jean? Her advice is spot on and she is so chic to boot. I look forward to her column every month is ELLE.

Ladies, this one’s for you!


Job within a job Or getting paid to look at the internets

21 Aug

I have come across some inneresting things on the world wide web (remember when we called it that!) while *ahem* working. They are as follows:

The top 100 websites for women according to
I haven’t made it all the way thru the list but I’m sure it will give me a 100 new things to look at on the internet. Hooray for busy work!

Pictures of abandon places. I swear, if I had any money, I would flip some of these places and restore them to their former glory. Nothing would please me more. I mean, look at this… and it’s in Detroit.

Heartbreak (former) inhabitants.

Heartbreak (former) inhabitants. is the best. I love it. There are always cool and random articles there that entertain me. For example:
Right? I mean, I have read some of those and there are some on there I’d still like to read but I would never in a million years remembered to add them onto my Goodreads app for future reference.

And just cuz I’m a recovering Pinterest addict… and because I totally made that banana bread last night. I ate some this morning for breakfast. Phenominal. I mean, really. I used coconut oil and I nixed the walnuts and it. is. to. die for.

Now, I gotta read Jenny Lawson’s book . Because she’s “like Mother Teresa only better” and who doesn’t need a little bit of that in their life.

Daily Grats: sunshine (and weather that feels like August… finally!) and MBM teaching me how to change the oil in my car. What, what?!?! Knowledge is power.