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The other dog. OR Morning Cardio.

24 Jul

MBM and I are watching the dog of a friend while he is out of town. Slimmie and Moose are roughly the same-ish in age and in build and they get along great. For about a day. And then Slim can’t take it anymore. You can see it all over his little doggie face. He looks at us, like, “Really. What the f, you guys? Thanks. Thanks for this.” And then hides under the covers in our bed. (Last night, MBM was in bed reading and I was calling for Slim to say goodnight to him and MBM was like “He’s right here. In bed.” He looked like a middle sized grey lump and I didn’t see him. So I got in bed and the three of us were snuggling and having a meeting of the Mutual Admiration Society when Moose started coming up the stairs. The look of “OHNOIhopehedoesn’tfindmeinhere” on Slim’s face was hilarious.) I love Moose but he is still a puppy and would totally be Amy Poehler’s character Kaitlin, who is always screaming, “Rick! Rick! RIIIICK!”


Anyway, I love Moose. I do. He is the sweetest. He just wants to lay on you and be loved. And he’s so pumped to do anything, ESPECIALLY when that involves you and getting to lay on you and be loved by you. And the only thing he loves MORE than all that is running away from you.



Cut to this morning…
I don’t walk Slim on a leash because we live in the country and he is a perfect gentleman. Seriously, he is a saint. So, I open the door and Moose needs, HAS, to be the first one out the door and usually knocks Slim out of the way to get it done. (Cue Slim looking back at me with the, “I effing hate this” ‘tude on his face.) They are pretty good when they are in the yard but I put Moose on his leash and we start off for the walk. Keep in mind, I have my glasses on, a ratty tshirt and sweats and my grass mowing shoes on, and I’m holding a travel mug of coffee and I have my iphone- I need to get a watch so I can leave that sucker at home. Ok, so things are good, we have walked almost to the end of the road and Moose has been so good so I decide, Lord knows why, to let him off the leash. Things are GREAT. For about 6 seconds and then he takes off. But he does something that Slim would NEVER even THINK of doing and I was SO shocked by it, I didn’t even know how to react. He ran under the cattle fence, into the pasture, like he was a bank robber who was gettin’ away with the loot. I hollered, yelled, and screamed his name and nothing. Nothing at all. So what’s girl to do? (Slim, meanwhile is just freaking loving this.) I climb over the barbed wire and hop the fence and take OFF. Dodging cow pies the whole way. I swear, at the rate I was screaming at this dog, my neighbor’s probably thought I was being murdered. (I will have to apologize if I see them.) I finally catch him, just to have him take off RIGHT before I can get the leash on him. So, ok, and I am PISSED at this point. I go back over to my phone, coffee and Slim (who is PUMPED!! But never once tried to get into the pasture where we were. See. Perfect gentleman.) and decide not to give up and eventually I catch Moose, tie him to the fence, climbed over the fence and barbed wire, but not without getting shocked by the electric wire along the bottom of said fence first and we made it back home.

This is the most awake I have been at work in LOOOONG time.

And, p.s., because I was so frazzled after all this, I left thawed, raw chicken on the kitchen counter. Who thinks I’ll be going home to sick dogs? Somebody, help meh!!!

Slim, looking annoyed.



… Move to the country. Build you a home.

25 Jun

So, we did it. We up and moved to the country. Ah, moving. It was our 3 move in 3 years. How exciting. Or not. No, the moving part was great! Just not the packing, loading, and unloading. HOWEVER, there were no casualties this year!! All furniture, including 2, that’s right! 2 couches made it to the new house, out in the country. We have been here for about 2, 2.5 weeks and its safe to say that we LOVE it out here. We lived in Reston, VA (or the place that shall not be named. Home to Boofie O’Gorman and the curbside shoppers. No, not a band but another story for another time.) for 14 months and we met/ were friendly with 5 people. And 2 dogs. Sad. Very sad. And we tried! We said “howdy” to folks on our evening walks. We said “good morning!” and “how about this weather?” to neighbors. No one was interested. It’s like they could smell the Midwest on us and they were allergic. Anyway, we have already been invited and accepted a dinner invitation! From a neighbor! It happened last Saturday and it was glorious. I don’t know if it was our dog’s good looks or super moon voo doo that scored us the invite but I’ll take it! Needless to say, we are (now) from the country and that’s the way we like it!