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Full Disclosure

19 Nov

So, I actually DID write a post yesterday but it was all angry and sad so I decided not to post it. Because let’s face it, ain’t nobody got time to read that. I think that we all have are things that we have to work through and for me, at this particular life juncture, those things happen to be my current work situation and trying(TRYING!!) to go back to school to become a teacher. It’s tough. And that’s all I’m gonna say about it right now.

After I read what I wrote yesterday, I decided to put some of my anger into action. I ordered a study guide/ practice test/ program to help me get ready for the upcoming VCLA. THEN I signed myself up for TWO groups. I am now a member of a book club and a social club. EEK! I’m excited! I’ll keep you posted on how those turn out.

I also worked out yesterday. I said that the beginning of the month that I wanted to do the “Turkey Challenge” and I did. I do. But I wanted to do it WITH MBM. Uh, that is not going so well. It’s tough with his work schedule (for example, he won’t get home tonight til waaaaaay late and will be too tired to attempt anything resembling exercise). I decided that I just hafta do it for myself. So I did the T.C. AND I went for a “run” with Slim. Slim thought he had won the dang lottery! He was all “this is SO great!” and couldn’t, WOULDN’T stop running. He is a great motivator and encourager.

Then I tried a new recipe for dinner and had it ready just after MBM got home so he didn’t starve to death. (He’s a tad dramatic.) I made chicken and asparagus stir fry. SO good.

So what started out as a crappy, angry, I-can’t-take-it-anymore kinda day, ended up being a fulfilling and satisfying evening.


A farewell for Lou.

14 Nov

I’m not really what you might call a Lou Reed fan. I appreciate his style what he did for for music. And the Velvet Underground will always be a pretty great soundtrack for any road trip.
Despite all this, I was touched by the farewell that his longtime best friend and wife wrote. It gives me goosebumps.

“How strange, exciting and miraculous that we can change each other so much, love each other so much through our words and music and real lives.”

Puesta del sol

13 Nov

Out here in the Virginia countryside, we have the BEST sunsets. I mean, you can’t beat ’em! It looked like the sky was on fire last night. Quite a sight to behold indeed.


Anatomy of a weekend

12 Nov

Welcome cold weather, sweaters, wool socks and double layering pants… Winter, she’s a coming!

It’s grey and cold and feeling pretty November-y and that’s a-ok with me. I just wish I was holed up in my house under 3 blankets, with MBM and Slim and a cuppa. But alas, I’m at work.

Ok, so the weekend. The weekend was quite good. We watched “The Way Way Back” on Friday and I really enjoyed it. I just love Sam Rockwell. And Maya Rudolph. I highly recommend that movie. Especially if you like those two. (It was pretty weird seeing Steve Carrell act like a jerk. Good acting, right there.)

Saturday I worked my obligatory 4, 4.5 hours. And I helped a customer figure out his new iPhone. It was pretty funny… I ended up recorded his voicemail message for him. Heehee!

After that, I went home and relaxed and watched football. And worked a puzzle! I love me a puzzle. Seriously. And MBM wanted to help and that was good. BUT he started doing all the “fun” pieces, i.e. the easy pieces. You know, the people, words, etc. and I got a little testy and told him that “you can’t do ALL the fun pieces and leave me to do the hard ones.” Yes, I realize NOW that that sounds a tad ridiculous but c’mon. Nobody wants to get stuck doing the sky. Anyway, we had so much fun doing the first puzzle that we did another one on Sunday. Both 1000 pieces. I don’t wanna say it but we are puzzle masters. Wicked weekend party-ers. Or we are old. Either way, it was NMF (no money fun) and we liked it.

Sunday, we went to church and had the opportunity to honor some of the Veterans in the congregation and that was really special. One gentleman was a pilot in WWII in North Africa. It was pretty awesome getting to be a part of something that humbling.

Then we just sorta hung out, watched more football (Bengals, what the hey?!) and ate meatball sandwiches.

Pretty good, if you ask me. Pretty good.

Dusk in the country

7 Nov

I took this picture last night around 530 pm. Slim and I were walking (after he calmed hisself down because he chased like 9 deer. Those dang deer.) down our road and with all the leaves falling, you can see the white bark of the Sycamore trees and I think it’s so beautiful. I was snapping photos and then I heard an owl. I kept scanning the trees for it but I couldn’t find it. Then all of a sudden, three owls took flight out of one of the sycamores!! They were huge and beautiful and slightly spooky. I mean, they scared me so much that I actually jumped. It was pretty awesome. Maybe one day I’ll be able to capture them on film but til then I’ll just enjoy my trees.

Daily gratitude: living away from city lights and weekly trips to the library.

Anatomy of the weekend

6 Nov

Sorry this is a smidge late BUT I was really tired after back to back weekends in Ohio. Better late than never though, right?! Right. So, onward, to the post!

We were in Columbus, Ohio for the weekend. We got in around 945 pm. It wasn’t a bad drive except we stopped 3 TIMES! Three. Times. Terrible. Good thing we left around 315. Friday night we were planning to meet up with some friends at a decades party but then we got a severe case of the olds and decided to stay in.

Saturday morning, my parents took us to breakfast at Scrambler’s . It was very, very tasty. Then MBM and myself went to Easton, Crate and Barrel specifically. We returned some stuff, bought a wedding present and got ourselves a sweet gravy boat and a meat thermometer. Totally awesome. I mean, check out that gravy boat….

20131106-091022.jpg photo via

Then we went over to our friends the Deeds and watch the OSU “game”. I’m using quotes cuz, lets face it. That was not a game. At all. Poor Purdue. AND we got some Donatos pizza! The works with extra cheese. Oh man. So good.

Then it was time for some wedding fun! Sara and Eric had a truly beautiful wedding. It was a Catholic ceremony and the reception was held at the Columbus Athletic Club downtown. Sara was the most beautiful bride and Eric was a dashing groom. It was a great party and we wish them the best and lots and lots of love.




We crashed with our dear friends, Mreg, aka Greg and Meg in Saturday night and then the fearsome foursome went to breakfast. Listen, if you ever go to Columbus, do yourself a favor: GO TO SKILLET. Do not go past go. Do not collect $200. But DO go to Skillet. It’s a teeny tiny place in German Village but it. is. so. damn good! I had the most prefect apple French toast and MBM had the corn beef and tongue hash. I know, tongue. But lemme tell ya, if that’s what tongue tastes like, then I guess I like tongue. Cuz it was heavenly.

Then it was once again time for goodbyes. Wah. We went back to The Millers to say our goodbyes and collect Slim and the rest of our wedding presents. I seriously hate leaving but I don’t cry anymore so, progress!

On the drive home, we played a rousing game of “Name that baby!” for about 2 hours. Yes, it is exactly what you’re thinking… We throw out potential names for our unborn children and discuss them. It’s hilarious and fun and we love it.

And we made it home, inside, with the car unloaded, in time to watch the Walking Dead! Woo. Hoo.

See, does it make sense why I was tired? Hope your weekend was as bad ass as mine.

A few November goals and things that made up my week

1 Nov

Today is the first day of November and so I shall share my goals for this month…

Drumroll, please,

1. Draw up Thanksgiving Day plan of attack. We are hosting 5 people this year, plus the two of us, so I feel that a POA is definitely needed.

2. Take (and pass!!) the VCLA.

3. Finish getting my name changed. And a new license. And SSC. And so on and so forth, yadda yadda yadda.

4. Try 2 new recipes from Julia Child. Because she’s the queen and I wanna try and see if I, too, can be kitchen royalty.

5. Do the Turkey Day Challenge . Because it needs to happen. With or without MBM.

And 6. Start taking pics with a REAL camera.

Oh, and 7. Work on Christmas shopping!!!!!

And for things that made up my week…

1. Successfully scaring MBM on Halloween! I got him pretty good!


Yup! Fity cent corn dogs. I told you we were gonna do it. And the tots were reeeaal good.


Saving this turtle from certain death on a road near my house. I actually turned my car around and picked him up and moved the little guy. I was SO nervous for him.


Taking this guy on an evening stroll to the library. And checking out 2 new books.

And finally 5. Trying on the dress I’m wearing to a wedding this weekend and being super pumped that it still fits and makes me feel pretty!

Ok, kids, go forth and have an awesome Friday! And in the words of Ellen DeG, be kind to one another.